Humming Hives

Dimensions: 16″ x 20″Stencil Light Painting

Stencil Design by Nafia Rahman
Photography by Tasneem Dairywala and Mustafa Abbas

Before starting this workshop, I was asked what community meant to me. To me, community is much more than just a place where a group of people live. A community is a place where people come together to help each other. A community gives love, support, and encouragement to its people. Thorncliffe is where I have lived for most of my life. I always feel a sense of belonging here – more than anywhere else I’ve lived before. Bees symbolize community, brightness, and personal power. I put bees all around Thorncliffe to show that our community works together. I want to show that Thorncliffe is a bright and happy place to live in. Our community is strong, and if we continue working together and accepting each other, our community will grow stronger.