Dimensions: 20″ x 20″Stencil Light Painting

Stencil Design by Dora Su
Photography by Tasneem Dairywala and Mustafa Abbas

I drew a panda playing a violin because the violin is one of my favourite instruments and reflects my love of music through the violin, and the panda represents my Chinese heritage. I wanted to incorporate this image into the Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park communities since these neighbourhoods are diverse and they display cultural differences. Thus, my stencil displayed the panda which is generally seen as a symbol of China and Chinese culture. I implemented the idea of music into my stencil not only because I love music, but also because recently, I have found that music brings unique individuals together just as any art does. I find it so interesting that people can be so different, but music can bring them together as a whole. This images display the ethnic and cultural differences of the residents and shows how music can bring all these different people together.