My Funny Feelings

My Funny Feelings

Why does my tummy hurt?

Why does my head hurt?

Why do I feel so tired?

Why do I feel so cold?

Why am I sweating so much?

Why am I tingling so much?

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The Stinky Onion

An illustration of a happy onion sitting in a basket with his vegetable friends, carrot, radish and potato
The Stinky Onion

The stinky onion sits by herself in the big, lonely kitchen, feeling small and sad. She desperately wants to get into the cozy basket with the other vegetables, but they won’t let her in!

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The Very Pink Pigeon

The Very Pink Pigeon

Petal is a very pink pigeon, the only one in all of Pigeonopia. It’s her first day of school, and she can’t wait to make friends! She puts on her backpack, kisses her papa, and bobs off to school, happy as ever.

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The Ancient Wolf

A children book's illustration of a rabbit kissing a wolf in a meadow.
The Ancient Wolf

The ancient wolf roams the forest, weak and lost, separated from her pack. She hunts for food, ready to pounce on whatever unlucky creature comes her way.

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Hi there! I’m Tasneem, a Toronto-based artist, author, illustrator, and educator. Welcome to my website & check out my very first children’s book!

How to Show Love

From how to treat your teddy to how to share with friends, each page of this sweet book shows an act of love and affection. Full of delightful illustrations depicting a diverse range of characters and soft soothing text, children will want this book to be read to them over and over again.

Here’s what customers are saying:

“I got this for my 1.5-year-old nephew and he absolutely loves the illustrations, and even repeated some of the phrases when I read it to him. I will be ordering the paper copy seeing how much we loved it.” – Owais Lightwala

“As soon I got my copy delivered my daughter was so excited to read the book that night. I loved reading it to her with the colorful images and easy-to-read captions. She really enjoyed the book 😊” – Burhan Ameen

“The kids were really engaged while I read it. Glossy pages, coloring page in the end, and thought-provoking emotions. Definitely add this to your home library!” – M. Suteria

You can check out more of my stories & doodles below. 🙂