What do I find phony?

I find people with an excess amount of pride phonier than phony because most of the time, they have nothing to be proud of. They want everyone on earth to know how smart or how beautiful or how kind they are, when in reality, they are nothing but a bunch of pathetic fools who can’t face the truth about themselves. If they are overconfident about their intelligence, they will be found cheating off other people’s ideas and calling them their own, or interrupting with blasts of nonsensical questions or comments to appear knowledgeable. If they are conceited about their beauty, they are sure to paint their faces so thoroughly that they look more alien than human, more plastic than skin. If they are self-righteous about their kindness, they are definitely being “kind” so they can get either praises or favours in return. They don’t know who they are. People with genuine reasons to be proud of are usually the opposite of proud. They are modest and humble. They don’t need to wear their qualities like crowns and shoot their mouths off to the world about how amazing they are. If they have brains, they work hard and succeed in life honestly. If they have good looks, they don’t need mirrors to flatter themselves with. If they are good hearted, they help in the quietest ways. People with natural qualities don’t need any recognition or appreciation. They allow themselves contentment without the admiration of others. People who are full of their own vanity on the other hand, label themselves as phony and are nothing but empty shells full of empty lies.


Published on: May 4, 2009

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