How to Show Love

Through a soothing text and deceptively simple illustrations featuring diverse characters of varying ages, ethnicities, and physical abilities, How to Show Love unveils the many gentle ways children have opportunities to be kind and loving every day to people, creatures, the earth…even their teddy!

This book is available for purchase on all of Amazon‘s marketplaces and Another Story Book Shop.

The Little Fairy Finds Her Glow

Sarrah is a light fairy who is very proud of her glow. But when she hurts her wings, her glow gets replaced by dark shadows. Unable to fly, she becomes full of fear and sadness. But she keeps searching for her answer. What will make her glow shine again?

This book is available for purchase on all of Amazon‘s marketplaces.

Review for The Little Fairy Finds Her Glow

By Riverdancer, Vine Voice

This delightful picture book is ideal for preschool audiences who are improving their social-emotional learning. Written in short phrases and presented in small blocks of text, the amount of writing in this book is ideally suited to its intended audience. Also, the phrasing and emotional exploration of the narrative is poignant and will easily resonate with young children. Accompanying the text are whimsical illustrations that are filled with color and emotion and feature characters who are charming and accessible. This is a lovely addition to library collections for young readers in both home and school settings.

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