It’s hard to know,

To understand life and its patterns.

It’s even harder to let go,

To give in to the fact that there is a web that will hold us

Even when we feel like we’re about to crash.


It’s hard to believe in this web,

In its strength,

In its unity and its balance between simplicity and complexity of form –

Only because we do not have enough knowledge to light its silver linings.

It’s too huge for the human mind to comprehend,

Often so hard to grasp that many of us lose faith in its existence.


And without the faith,

The web no longer exists,

And humanity turns into a constant struggle to not crash,

To stay afloat in empty air;

Not moving forward,

Not trusting,

That sometimes belief can outshine the senses,

Can go beyond what we know,

To what holds the broken pieces of our lives together.


Published on: May 8, 2011

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