Support, I owe my life to you.

You pulled me out of the shell of darkness I had retrieved into.

You came in with a candle and instead of pushing me towards the blinding light, you sat inside my stifling cave.

You wore a hard hat, in case I got violent.

You wore a soft smile to reduce my anti-depressants.

Support, you gently rocked me to sleep.

You brushed the hair out of my eyes and with the rise of the sun, carried me out of the ruins.

I opened my eyes and cried in fear, but then I felt your strong chest against my face and dried my tears.

Support, you looked at my face.

And instead of the undone eyebrows and the splotchy skin, you saw within me the potential to get up again, to come out of my grave.


Published on: May 12, 2011

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