A moment of no forgetting:

I was wearing three layers of clothes with a thick jacket on top.

And we were walking.

And it was raining.

And I was cold.

And he was cold.


We had held hands a few minutes before

And then grudgingly let go to put them back in our pockets,

As it was freezing.


And then I felt his arm around my shoulders

And I begged myself to keep on breathing.


But then I felt his arm bring me closer to his body

And felt it squeeze my narrow frame so it was aligned with his side

And there was a ‘woah’ that passed through me.


No words.


That is the only sound I can describe it in.

A surge.

A wave of emotion,

Of want.


Every time I think of our days together,

I remember that moment,

Our moment of no forgetting.


Published on: May 14, 2011

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