Aphrodite of Cyrene


She stands,

Poised on the pedestal,

Revealing her naked beauty,

She doesn’t care when people stare.

It’s been a long time

Since she tried

To make the marble surrounding her

Crack through the power of her will,

To make the amazed faces looking upon her in awe

Turn away with shame.

For ages she has stood

On this stone base of beauty,

Searing to never grieve the loss of her splendor

In exchange for clothes,


Covering her,

In exchange of a head and a body,

No matter how hideous,

That can move,

That can swim and bike,

A mouth that can laugh,

Lids that can blink,

Fingers that can feel her own form.


She stands,



Still hoping,

For someone to break

The marble she’s trapped in.


Published on: May 17, 2011

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