I Remember

When you came up with me from the car to my hospital room,

I was holding back tears,

Maybe you were too.


You had been told to pray in my ears

While I lay in my bed and tried to sleep.


But you didn’t believe too much in prayers,

In what they could do for me.


But you refused to take any risks,

So despite your doubts,

You bent down

And whispered your prayer in my ear.


And then you stood up,

All business again,


And I really wished to have my friend back.


You gave me a tight smile,

One so tight that I became afraid to say good bye,

In case my voice wobbled and I cried.


So I closed my eyes

And heard you go

And heard the door

Close gently behind you.


And I let the tears slip,

Wetting the pillow.


And I let the darkness envelope,

As your shampoo scent mingled

With the one of the hospital food.

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