My Funny Feelings

My Funny Feelings

Why does my tummy hurt?

Why does my head hurt?

Why do I feel so tired?

Why do I feel so cold?

Why am I sweating so much?

Why am I tingling so much?

Am I sick? Or…

Am I feeling guilty?

Am I feeling sorry?

Am I feeling droopy?

Am I feeling nervy?

Am I feeling jumpy?

Am I feeling angry?

What are my funny feelings telling me?

To learn to share.

To ask for a hug.

To talk to someone.

To believe in myself.

To slow my breathing.

To be forgiving.

How am I feeling now?

I feel loved.

I feel calm.

I feel light.

I feel brave.

I feel happy.

I feel at peace.

Your feelings might not feel funny like mine.

But listen to what they’re saying…

And you’ll be fine!

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