This little illustration is inspired by a poem a wrote. The poem turned out really dark. I was in a weird space at the time. But the illustration does not match the mood of the poem at all. Not sure what to think of it.

The Lucky Bunny

Rosie is a very lucky bunny. She has the biggest burrow, the fanciest clothes, and the fluffiest tail. She is also friends with everyone… everyone except Floppy, the unluckiest bunny in school. Floppy lives in a tiny burrow, wears home-stitched clothes and her tail hangs limp. She also stays far away from Rosie. For everyContinue reading “The Lucky Bunny”

The Hawk and the Horse

Heru, the baby hawk, sits in a tree, searching for her family. As snow covers her body, she thinks, “If I was a sweet sparrow or a singing lark, anyone would help me… but with my hooked beak and my sharp claws, no one will ever come near me.” At this thought, a tear slidesContinue reading “The Hawk and the Horse”

The Fabulous Fox

Crimson is a fabulous fox who is the best at everything she does. She is the stealthiest, cleverest, speediest, but unfortunately, also the proudest fox in the forest. One morning, when Crimson comes out of her den, she sees that all the foxes are grouped around a newcomer. “His name is Bean,” one of herContinue reading “The Fabulous Fox”

The Secret Artist

Rainbow is a young lioness, Who likes to play with paint all day. She crushes leaves and flowers, And spreads their colours in lovely shapes. Her friends in the meantime, Roar and fight and chase, Poor bunnies and squirrels, All over the place.

I Don’t Need a Fairy Godmother

Teensy the troll steps out of her cave to go to school. Like every other morning, she’s greeted by the sight of fairy godmothers turning little girls into beautiful princesses. Teensy wants a fairy godmother more than ever, but they won’t even look at her. Sad as always, she heads to school, wearing her plainContinue reading “I Don’t Need a Fairy Godmother”