The Fabulous Fox

The Fabulous Fox

Crimson is a fabulous fox who is the best at everything she does. She is the stealthiest, cleverest, speediest, but unfortunately, also the proudest fox in the forest.

One morning, when Crimson comes out of her den, she sees that all the foxes are grouped around a newcomer. “His name is Bean,” one of her friends tells her. “Huh, what a strange name for a fox,” she thinks, “I suppose it goes with his dull brown fur.” At this thought, she looks at her own fabulous fur and smirks in pride. He’s small, quiet, and no match for her. So, she turns away and doesn’t even look at him again.

Weeks pass by and then finally, the day of The Race arrives. The Race happens every year, and whoever wins gets treated like royalty for the entire year. Crimson has never lost a race in her life, and she knows she won’t lose this year’s race either. She struts to the start line, head held up with pride.

As soon as the bell rings, Crimson leaps and is halfway down the track in the blink of an eye. But before she can finish, the bell rings again. She ignores it and keeps running until she’s crossed the finish line. When she looks up, she sees that everyone’s mouths are hanging open in shock. “This is fabulous!” she thinks, “They just can’t believe how fast I was”!  

But then she notices that the foxes aren’t looking at her. They are looking at Bean, who is standing beside her, holding the winner’s medal. How could this be?! She just can’t believe her eyes. She blinks back tears and runs towards her den before anyone can see her cry.

Crimson spends many days in her den, refusing to come out. Then one day, Bean enters her home. He holds out his medal to her. “You can have it,” he mumbles, “I heard so many fabulous things about you from the other foxes. I hoped that if I came second, you would notice me.” Crimson just stares at him, speechless. “I just want to be friends. Will you please come outside with me?” he asks.

Crimson can’t believe Bean thinks she’s fabulous even though she didn’t win. She feels a warmth spread through and she can’t help but smile. She puts the medal back around his neck, holds his paw, and finally makes her way out of the den. When the other foxes see her, they cheer in joy. She is their friend, and they love her, fabulous or not!

As Crimson gets to know Bean, she realizes that he is quiet because he likes hearing and seeing, instead of speaking and showing. When she sees the forest through his eyes, she marvels at the love and beauty all around her, especially amongst her friends. She finally understands that being fabulous can mean many things, not just winning and being the best. And from that day on, she never looks down upon anyone again.

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