The Lucky Bunny

The Lucky Bunny

Rosie is a very lucky bunny. She has the biggest burrow, the fanciest clothes, and the fluffiest tail. She is also friends with everyone… everyone except Floppy, the unluckiest bunny in school. Floppy lives in a tiny burrow, wears home-stitched clothes and her tail hangs limp. She also stays far away from Rosie. For every time she’s around her, she feels even unluckier than usual.

Then one day, as Floppy is hopping home, she notices Rosie sitting under a tree with her head bent down. As she hops closer, she realizes that Rosie is crying. Rosie looks up in surprise when Floppy taps her on her shoulder. “What’s wrong, dear bunny?” Floppy asks.

“Nothing,” Rosie replies, but Floppy plops down right beside her. She sits with her until finally, Rosie speaks, “I feel so lonely. My parents dig and drag all day. My friends gather and gossip all day. My clothes scritch and scratch all day… And me? I comb and clean my tail all day. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be lucky enough to have a day full of warmth and love and joy.”

Floppy’s little chest hurts. She wants to take Rosie to her burrow, but it’s so small and shabby… but watching Rosie cry makes her want to cry. So, she stands up, holds Rosie’s hand, and starts hopping home. To her surprise, Rosie follows along without a sound.

As soon as Rosie enters Floppy’s burrow, she’s surrounded by delicious smells, beautiful music, and fabulous paintings. When Floppy hands her a carrot, she bites into the juiciest, crispiest carrot ever. As the breeze grows cool, Floppy hands her one of her home stitched jackets. It’s so comfy, unlike her own scritchy scratchy clothes.

As they leave the burrow, Rosie faces Floppy. “Do you know how lucky you are?” she asks.

“Me? Lucky?!” Floppy responds in shock, “You’re the one with the big burrow and the fancy clothes and the fluffy tail and all the friends you could want.”

“Your burrow is full of warmth. Your clothes are stitched with love. You dance and paint and eat delicious food instead of combing your tail all day… And you have me as a friend. Trust me, you’re the luckiest bunny in the entire universe,” Rosie says with a wistful smile.

“With you by my side, I do feel quite lucky,” Floppy replies. And for the first time, she realizes she’s always been lucky. She just had to see her life from Rosie’s eyes. 

“How about we share our luck from now on?” Floppy asks.

“And remain best friends forever?” Rosie responds, hope glittering in her eyes.

“Of course,” Floppy replies, and gives Rosie a warm hug. As they hug, they don’t feel lucky because of their burrows or their clothes or their tails. They feel lucky because they have each other and that’s worth more than anything else.

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