3 Tips for Building a Successful Creative Career

When you’re just starting out as an artist, it can be difficult to know which step to take first when it comes to building a creative career. Based on my 7 years of experience as a practicing artist and educator, there are three main things you can do to propel your career.

  • Build Connections:
    • It’s wonderful to attend art events and build in-person connections. But even if you can’t go out regularly, there are other ways to remain connected:
      • Ask every person you know if they know someone doing the same things as you. I have found this to be the absolute best way to accumulate knowledge and find collaborators and mentors.
      • Subscribe to newsletters. Almost all organizations send them out, and they’re full of opportunities.
      • Look at Toronto, Ontario, and Canada Art Council’s websites. Search for grants related to the fields you’re interested in, look at who was funded by these grants in the past year, and reach out to them. I have received so many opportunities through this method in the form of grants, mentorship, and education.
  • Be Brave:
    • You’ve already taken the first steps in this journey. Don’t be afraid to move forward. You’re good enough to do whatever you desire!

As you move forward, however, remember that the art sector is like the world’s yummiest buffet. You will want to keep adding projects to your plate even after it’s full. But it’s not sustainable. It’s a long journey so take care of yourself. There will always be more opportunities.

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