This little illustration is inspired by a poem a wrote. The poem turned out really dark. I was in a weird space at the time. But the illustration does not match the mood of the poem at all. Not sure what to think of it.

I try to keep my website cute and happy to match my profile as a children’s writer and illustrator. But I feel like sharing unfiltered writing today. So here we go…

I knock on every door,
But they’re all locked.

Beat and defeated,
I slip to the ground.

A shadow falls,
Clenches my heart.

Envelopes me,
Then shuts me out.

Straining and failing,
I grow numb.

I walk past hope,
Just a crack in a wall.

I build my own door,
Lock my own locks,

And keep the light,
Waiting in the dark.

Leave a comment if you’ve ever been in this space. ❤

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