Launch Your Book to Bestseller Status

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I recently wrote an article with strategies for a successful book launch. You can view it here. In this article, I will dive deeper into the most important strategy during your book’s private launch, a master plan that can accelerate your sales and launch your book to bestseller status.

You might have trouble believing this, but the most important strategy during your private launch is to offer your ebook for free in exchange for reviews from friends, family and newsletter subscribers. When you publicly release your book, customers will be a lot more likely to purchase it if they see that it has already been bought and reviewed by others.

In your review request, make sure to include:

  1. Book cover
  2. Book’s genre
  3. Page count
  4. Age group
  5. Short Description
  6. Review request
  7. Outreach request
  8. Sales page link

As an example, I’m sharing my own request, which I wrote based on a template in Eevie Jone’s book, How to Self Publish a Children’s Book. I plan to send this out today for my new book, The Little Fairy Finds Her Glow. 🙂

Hi there!!!

I have published a children’s book, The Little Fairy Finds Her Glow. With 28 illustrated pages, it’s a super quick and fun read for 3-7-year-olds. Featuring enchanting illustrations, this book will show children how small acts of courage and affection can have a big impact. You can download the e-book for free till the 6th of April. If you love it, please post a review on Amazon. One or two sentences would be sufficient and would play an important role in the success of the book. Please feel free to share with others that you think might be interested. Here is the link to the sales page:

Thank you!

Here are some guidelines you can send along with your request. Please note that these are only relevant if you’re self-publishing on Amazon.

  1. If you have Kindle Unlimited, please don’t use it to download the book, as your review will become unverified.
  2. Don’t leave a review right after purchasing your eBook. Flip through at least 50% per cent of your book, then close it and wait for a couple of hours. If you’re purchasing a paperback, wait for it to be delivered before leaving a review.
  3. The review can include what you liked about this book and why others should consider it.
  4. Don’t reference me as an acquaintance; this will disqualify your review.
  5. If you see other positive reviews, please click “helpful”, as that will help them rank higher.
  6. Be sure to let me know that you left a review so I can publicly thank you for your incredible support.

If you want more information on launching your book, I highly recommend Eevie’s book,

After reading this post, I really hope you will consider leaving a review on my new book, The Little Fairy Finds Her Glow. As mentioned, you can download the ebook for free until April 6th.

Thank you in advance, and stay tuned! I’ll be sharing more examples and templates over the following weeks!

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