The Ignored Geniuses

2014   The Ignored Geniuses is a painting inspired by my love of bright colours, natural landscapes, and most importantly, my developing awareness of gender inequality in Western art history. Recently, my mother, Masooma Dairywala, has been bringing me pretty ribbons, lace flowers and other decorative items she finds beautiful. Although these items are meantContinue reading “The Ignored Geniuses”

Hybridization of the Image

2012 Approximate Dimensions: 36″ x 44″ Gouache on Masonite   This painting was done in collaboration with three other artists and their works. Our project started off with very broad rules that defined size (36” by 44”) and theme (dreamscapes). We decided to work on our own canvases and panels at first so we couldContinue reading “Hybridization of the Image”