The Stinky Onion

The stinky onion sits by herself in the big, lonely kitchen, feeling small and sad. She desperately wants to get into the cozy basket with the other vegetables, but they won’t let her in!

The Very Pink Pigeon

Petal is a very pink pigeon, the only one in all of Pigeonopia. It’s her first day of school, and she can’t wait to make friends! She puts on her backpack, kisses her papa, and bobs off to school, happy as ever.

Hi there! I’m Tasneem, a Toronto-based artist, author, illustrator, and educator. Welcome to my website & check out my very first children’s book! How to Show Love From how to treat your teddy to how to share with friends, each page of this sweet book shows an act of love and affection. Full of delightfulContinue reading