Claude Monet Wish you weren’t yet dead. You captured The colours of nature’s Poetry, The light playing up a Symphony. Own the present You did, On your canvas With paint. But now you are the past, Outlived, Without you, Your paintings have Moved on.   Published on: May 7, 2011

How I would paint love:

A giant pencil, Drawing out With every unseen colour, Beginnings And beginnings And beginnings Of surprises And laughter. Solid, With enough strength to lean on, To bend, Without fear of splinters. A giant pencil with an equally giant eraser, Forgiving, Removing, Mistakes made, When the giant pencil stilled, And at the wrong spots, Slipped.  Continue reading “How I would paint love:”

OCAD: Based on “Girl”, By Jamaica Kincaid

Wash your brushes immediately and put them to dry hanging upside down; wash the acrylic ones separately and never mix them with oils; don’t leave your paintings to dry in the hot sun; they’ll cook and crack; wash your palettes as soon as you’re done using them; when buying yourself an apron, be sure thatContinue reading “OCAD: Based on “Girl”, By Jamaica Kincaid”

A Perfected Reflection of Imperfection

Tanizaki Jun’ichiro, in his book, In Praise of Shadows, mentions a preference, an obsession, for fair skin in Japan, using terms like “limpid glow”, “pure” and “unadulterated” to describe whiteness, and  ‘cloudy’ and ‘grimy’ to describe his own Japanese skin (32). While Asians bleach their brown skins white, Westerners tan their white skins brown, provingContinue reading “A Perfected Reflection of Imperfection”