Claude Monet Wish you weren’t yet dead. You captured The colours of nature’s Poetry, The light playing up a Symphony. Own the present You did, On your canvas With paint. But now you are the past, Outlived, Without you, Your paintings have Moved on.   Published on: May 7, 2011

How I would paint love:

A giant pencil, Drawing out With every unseen colour, Beginnings And beginnings And beginnings Of surprises And laughter. Solid, With enough strength to lean on, To bend, Without fear of splinters. A giant pencil with an equally giant eraser, Forgiving, Removing, Mistakes made, When the giant pencil stilled, And at the wrong spots, Slipped.  Continue reading “How I would paint love:”

OCAD: Based on “Girl”, By Jamaica Kincaid

Wash your brushes immediately and put them to dry hanging upside down; wash the acrylic ones separately and never mix them with oils; don’t leave your paintings to dry in the hot sun; they’ll cook and crack; wash your palettes as soon as you’re done using them; when buying yourself an apron, be sure thatContinue reading “OCAD: Based on “Girl”, By Jamaica Kincaid”